Honoring the wisdom of the whole person

Counseling for Kids and Teens
I work with kids individually ages 3 – 18 who are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and loss issues, difficulties at school and those who are experiencing a major family transition such as divorce, a death in the family or major move.

I use a combination of creative tools and talk therapy depending on the age of your child and their interests and ways of expressing. Creative tools include sand tray work, writing, painting, drawing and puppets.

My goal is to develop a trusting relationship of mutual respect with your child where difficult feelings and experiences can be expressed, reorganized and integrated. As I get to know your child I will work to help them see their unique strengths and gifts. We may also work on developing a specific set of behavioral skills depending on your child’s individual needs.

Family Counseling

Family counseling can be a powerful tool to create change within the family system. Some families may identify one family member as the one who needs help. Other times it is a particular relationship within the family that is strained and sometimes the entire family is struggling with a particular issue. By engaging the family and creating a supportive environment for change, healthy change may be more accessible and sustainable over time.

When working with families, I initially meet with one or more parents for 1 to 2 sessions. I may then meet with the whole family, children individually, with siblings, or work exclusively with the parent or parents depending on your family’s unique needs and situation.

I am professionally trained in Family Systems Counseling and will take into account the whole family when addressing a specific issue.

Some issues I work with include:

  • Parenting concerns with young to adult children
  • Difficult relationships
  • Divorce and step family issues
  • Families facing issues around death and dying
  • Learning differences and their impact on both parents and children
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Problems at school


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