Honoring the wisdom of the whole person

Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to you for therapy?

I treat individuals, couples and families, including those in straight, gay and lesbian relationships. My clients are generally open-minded and motivated towards change, but may be stuck in old patterns, facing difficult life challenges, or are simply seeking to live a fuller life with more balance.

Some specific client issues that I work with include:

Couples Counseling
Anxiety & Depression
Women’s Issues
Divorce & Post Divorce
Parenting Challenges
Grief & Loss
Difficult Family Relationships
Life Transitions
Sexual Identity Issues

 How can counseling help?

  • Helps you look at your situation more objectively and shed new light on an old problem
  • Allows you to share your worries and sort out your feelings in a safe place
  • Explains yours and others’ behavior and helps to change dysfunctional patterns of thinking or behaving
  • Teaches you new and more effective ways to interact with others and deal with challenging situations

How do I make an appointment?
This is the easy part. Simply phone my office at 425-941-0190. All messages are confidential.

Do you have evening appointments?

In addition to my regular weekday hours, I offer some evening appointments.

How much is each appointment?
Each 55-minute session is $140. I currently accept cash or check, or credit card payments. 

Do I pay you or does my insurance company?
After your visit, you will pay me. While I do not bill insurance companies directly, if you request, I can provide a statement of services for you to submit to your insurance company.

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